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Malmyr is a hybrid of city building and automation games. In contrast to other well known games of these genres the player is not meant to build the biggest city or largest factory. Malmyr's gameplay is focused on logic and creativity to accomplish the game's challenges. Each of the 12 missions of Malmyr's storyline have their own look & feel and compel the player to learn something new. Especially the quite unique resource transport mechanics stand out.


Malmyr's future

After releasing Malmyr in December 2020 we wanted to make it as good as it can be: For the following months multiple event and UX improvement patches polished the game and added new content. The (for now) final patch of Malmyr will be called Runemagic 2.0. It features brand new ways of using the magical dwarven runes the player finds throughout the game (e.g. 18 new runewords). In addition to that we are adding localizations (German, French, Russian) and even more general improvements to the game.

Founding ziegler gamedev GbR

Since we can remember we wanted to make games. Not to get rich or become famous: We want to create awesome experiences for players. After finishing our studies, we decided to go for it. This is our first project. We might have no funding, but we are making up for it with dedication and love for detail. Our Vision: Making dreams come true!

On the team

Philip has a master's degree in the field of game development. He handles the tough design questions with very talented hands. He made his first steps over 15 years ago, when he started making games with the well known RPG Maker. Working on games is the thing he always did. René just finished his master's thesis about game-based learning in the field of computer science. He is the one who produces a lot of the code (and bugs). As early as in kindergarden he drew race tracks and Super Mario levels on paper and "played" them. Now he finally has the skills to make games that others can enjoy on their computers.


  • Inspired from games of our past and present - Like The Settlers, Anno and Factorio.
  • 12 story based missions - You need to find a good strategy to complete them and handle the hazards thrown at you.
  • Unique obstacles and ambience for missions - Each mission was made to give you a different experience: Sometimes more relaxing, sometimes more challenging than the previous one.
  • Complex production chains - They will get longer and will need a wider variety of resources to function.
  • A different take on resource transportation - You will not just connect buildings with a road, set up a transportation route or build conveyor belts. You will have to manage and optimize each piece of road manually.
  • Over 45 different resources - Global resources like coin and food, building resources like wood and bricks and commodities for selling like jewelery.
  • A range of over 70 buildings - From woodcutter's huts, to different mines, foundries and toolsmiths to be able to reach the rarest ores of Malmyr.
  • 12 magical dwarven runes - They can be used in three ways: Terraforming your territory, magically creating resources or by socketing the runes in excavated ruins for permanent global bonus effects.
  • 18 magical rune words - Combine three runes to form a special rune word with vastly different and powerful effects.
  • Runecrafting - Allowing you to combine spare runes and convert them into other runes.
  • Runecreation - Convert surplus coin into runes.


Malmyr - Runemagic 2.0 Trailer YouTube

(Old) Original developer commentary on Malmyr YouTube

(Old) Extended teaser of Malmyr YouTube


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About ziegler gamedev GbR

We are a small team of two who have, and always had, the dream to develop games. This is also mirrored in our vision: Making dreams come true. On one side it is about our dream, on the other, and more important side, it is about what games should be. They are not just meant to produce income, they are meant to be experiences for the player - To make them enter and live their dreams.

More information
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Malmyr Credits

Philip Ziegler
Game Design, ziegler gamedev GbR

René Ziegler
Marketing & Development, ziegler gamedev GbR

Arthur Vnycke
Music, Freelancer

Additional Music

Video Editor (Teaser)

Camiel Povel
Producer (Developer commentary)


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